The holiday is based on a collaborative spirit, every day 2 people make a turn which includes:

  • prepare breakfast and wash disheware;
  • at 1.00 p.m. prepare a cold lunch (salad, ham and cheese) and wash used disheware;
  • for dinner prepare an hot plate (pasta or similar) and wash used disheware;
  • It's important to put beverage in the fridge as they are drinked and to eat fruit and vegetable more ripe.
Life board take place essentially outside and we eat on the table outside.

Type day:

Wake up at 8.00.  Two people on call prepare breakfast, who prefere sleeping will prepare breakfast for him self afterwards. Who wake up before 8.00 has to be quite!


At  9.00 we sail away, who want can steering under control of the skipper and help to handle the sails; the others stay in relax, reading, listening music, chattering or simply looking landscape.

At 12.30 stop for swimming, snack and relax.

At 4.00 we sail away for another destination.


At 6.00 stop for the night: if we are in roadsteed you can swim or make an excursion on land with tender, if we are in harbour you have a free evening for shopping or something else, eventual dinner on board or in restaurant.

At 12.00 p.m. we have to respect someone else's rest and to low the volume our chat. If we are in roadsteed enjoy sea and stars chatting softLy drinking a "sardinian mirto" is a very beautiful experience!!

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